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Materials Request Form

  1. Materials Request

    Please use this form to make a purchase request to add an item to our collection, or if you would like us to order an item from another library.

  2. Please enter your 7-digit Library card number here.
  3. Please enter your number, including area code.
  4. List Author(s) (if applicable)
  5. Agreement
    NOTE: Your initials are REQUIRED if you're making a Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. "I understand that I will be responsible for all return postage if not picked up. Lost or damaged materials will be charged to my account. I agree to return all materials on time. I realize that not all requests may be filled."
  6. Additional fees (ILL Requests Only)
    Please indicate how much you're willing to pay if a lending library charges a fee. This does not include postage.
  7. Please enter your initials to indicate you agree with the above conditions.
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