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Commercial Development and Contractors Project Form

  1. About This Form

    This form is for commercial developers and contractors operating in the City of Boerne. To get started, complete this form to tell us about your project. One of our planning coordinators will contact you to guide you through the process.

    Reminder: To work in Boerne, you must be registered with the City. Click here to learn how to register.

  2. Are you a registered contractor with the City of Boerne?*
  3. Is this a new build or a renovation of an existing space?*
  4. Is your project in the city limits or ETJ of Boerne?*
  5. Do you know the zoning of the project location?*
  6. Is the current zoning what is needed for the project?*
  7. Do you know if the property is platted?*
  8. Are you changing the use?*
  9. Are there existing utilities to the project?*
  10. Please tell us anything else about the project you think we should know.

  11. Select a preferred time frame(s) to meet with a planning coordinator by phone or video call. (select all that apply)*

    Please note: This does NOT automatically schedule an appointment. You are letting us know which days/times work for you. We will follow up to schedule a meeting. 

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