Come prepared to enjoy the day.

Bring a chair, blanket, food, and light entertainment while you wait. In all likelihood, you’ll be at your viewing site several hours before the eclipse starts. And while it is April, it is April in Texas and it can get toasty during that time of year. Bring an umbrella or chairs so you can comfortably enjoy the time you will be waiting. And if you see someone who has forgotten sunscreen, be a peach and share. Unless you set up next to a convenience store, consider bringing something to eat and drink. Also, be considerate of those around you. If you bring some music while you wait, that is OK, but please, no music during those precious moments before, during, and after totality.

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1. What is a total solar eclipse?
2. Where will the total eclipse happen?
3. Besides totality, what should I look for?
4. View the 360 degree sunset.
5. Get a filter or eclipse glasses in advance.
6. No filter? Here is how you can still watch.
7. Use the facilities before things get going.
8. Come prepared to enjoy the day.
9. Schedule an after-eclipse party or meal where you are!