How was the proposed Northside Community Park designed?

What we have available right now is not the final design, but simply meant to highlight the many features that are planned for the park. Those many features were identified by residents in the citizen survey and the 2017 Parks Master Plan. In working with the group that helped design the proposed plans for Northside the No. 1 goal was to maintain all healthy native trees. So, where the roadway goes down on the left side of the park, all those parking spots and the drive itself were designed and placed to go around the trees. Same goes for the dog park, the trees will be incorporated into the space. While some of the features will likely move around a bit if the park is developed the No. 1 goal of maintaining all healthy native trees will remain. Lastly, while not shown in the drawings yet, the end result will also mean more trees will be planted across the park increasing the overall tree count. 


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