Get a filter or eclipse glasses in advance.

Cardboard “eclipse” glasses with lenses of optical Mylar cost about $2. This will allow people to safely look directly at the sun. It filters out most of the light, all of the dangerous infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which tans our skin. Buy one well in advance, and you can look at the sun anytime. Be sure you are purchasing legitimate glasses and not fake ones, which can lead to eye injury.

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1. What is a total solar eclipse?
2. Where will the total eclipse happen?
3. Besides totality, what should I look for?
4. View the 360 degree sunset.
5. Get a filter or eclipse glasses in advance.
6. No filter? Here is how you can still watch.
7. Use the facilities before things get going.
8. Come prepared to enjoy the day.
9. Schedule an after-eclipse party or meal where you are!