What are testing and tester registration requirements?

The City of Boerne requires all Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPATs) to register with the City before testing any backflow assemblies within the City. Per City of Boerne Ordinance No. 2022-22, BPATs must register annually, provide proof of TCEQ certification, provide proof that testing equipment is able to maintain a calibration of plus or minus 0.2 psid accuracy, and pay an annual, non-refundable tester registration fee of $50.

Upon registration and verification of license and gauge calibration, and test for accuracy reports, the tester will be added to the approved list of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.

Testers must submit test reports directly to the City of Boerne located at 447 N. Main St., Boerne, TX, 78006. 

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