Do I need a fire inspection to operate a food truck?

YES.  Mobile food vendors are required to secure a fire inspection for their truck or trailer prior to operating anywhere in Kendall County including the City of Boerne. Contact the Kendall County Deputy Fire Marshal to arrange a fire inspection for your operation. (830) - 249-3721. City of Boerne Fire Inspectors will request proof of inspection on the day of the event when the mobile food vendor is open for business. All required fire extinguishers must be operational and have current inspection tags attached to the extinguisher. Operators must make sure all LPG gas fittings are tightened by wrench and do not leak gas. Gasoline powered generators used as part of the mobile food vendor's operation may not be refueled on-site.  For additional information, contact the Boerne Fire Marshal's Office at (830) 248-1512 or by email at [email protected]    

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