What is an Overlay District?

An overlay district is a regulatory tool that creates a special zoning district placed over an existing base zoning.   For instance, our downtown area is in a Historic Overlay District.  While we will have an underlying zoning of C-3, the overlay will define special provisions, like additional uses or height restrictions that are in addition to what is defined in the base zoning of C-3.  We currently have five active overlay districts in the city.  The UDC will define seven overlay districts; Scenic Interstate, Entrance Corridor, River Road, Historic, Heritage, Downtown and SoBo.

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1. Why create a UDC?
2. How is the new UDC being created?
3. What City codes are being replaced by the UDC?
4. What does the UDC mean for residential property?
5. What does the UDC mean for commercial property?
6. What if my current Use is no longer allowed in my new zoning district? Do I have to stop the use?
7. What is an Overlay District?
8. What does the UDC mean for property located outside of the City?
9. What if my current building becomes nonconforming? Do I have to bring into conformance under the new standards?
10. Where can I go for more information?