How is the vaccine being distributed?

Local jurisdiction coalitions have been identified at the federal level as a best practice and are key to successful rapid vaccine distribution planning. Boerne and Kendall County continue to work with state and local partners to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to critical populations, within the phases designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Each provider will likely have their own sign-up system, though they have all been trained on providing the vaccine and the allocation order by Texas DSHS. The city continues to reach out to potential providers and will update information as it is received.

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1. Where is the vaccine going for distribution?
2. Who qualified for the vaccine in Phase 1A and 1B?
3. How is the vaccine being distributed?
4. How was the vaccine developed?
5. How can I monitor after I get vaccinated?
6. What has not changed?
7. What additional resources are available?