How is the new UDC being created?

The City of Boerne contracted Mosaic Planning and Development Services, Inc, as the project consultant to draft the new UDC.  After two town hall meetings with the community and meetings with City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission, input was gathered to create the document.  A UDC Steering Committee was formed which met monthly to review and provide feedback on draft sections of the code.  Additionally, the public was invited to provide comments through the UDC project website, various public meetings and hearings at Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council, and through an online survey.

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1. Why create a UDC?
2. How is the new UDC being created?
3. What City codes are being replaced by the UDC?
4. What does the UDC mean for residential property?
5. What does the UDC mean for commercial property?
6. What if my current Use is no longer allowed in my new zoning district? Do I have to stop the use?
7. What is an Overlay District?
8. What does the UDC mean for property located outside of the City?
9. What if my current building becomes nonconforming? Do I have to bring into conformance under the new standards?
10. Where can I go for more information?