When will the public hearings be held?

The public hearings are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 28th and Tuesday, June 11th, starting at 6 PM. Council will take up the vote on the annexation ordinance on July 2nd and July 9th, also at 6PM. Both the public hearings and the annexation vote will take place at the City Council Chambers, 124 Old San Antonio Rd.

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1. Why do cities annex property?
2. Does the City of Boerne have the authority to annex?
3. What is the City's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction?
4. What must a City follow to involuntarily annex property?
5. What is a non-annexation agreement?
6. Can I decline annexation?
7. When will the public hearings be held?
8. If I have questions, who do I call?