Why can't the current City Hall be expanded?
The current city hall building is 106 years old. It has been remodeled multiple times to accommodate increasing staff since being purchased from the Boerne Independent School District in 1951. It has served as city hall for 65 years.
The idea of expansion and remodeling was addressed in the 2001-02 study by Stan Klein of Wagner & Klein Architects. There are currently 2 historic structures on the City Hall property. Per the Texas Historical Commission, the existing City Hall must retain its historical architectural integrity. Renovations to the interior have occurred multiple times. Expansions that would add additional buildings or increase the footprint of the existing building is challenging due to the topography, creating parking issues for citizens and employees. Ultimately the City Council tabled these ideas and opted to add space thru portable offices.

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1. Do we really need a new City Hall?
2. What city departments will be in the new City Hall?
3. Are there any other three story buildings on Main Street?
4. How many employees will be working in the new building?
5. Will there be a "drive through" window for payments?
6. Why can't the current City Hall be expanded?
7. Why build it for 30 years out? Why not for today?
8. Who is on the City Hall Project Ad Hoc Committee and how was it formed?
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13. What about drainage issues?
14. It has been stated that this would not cost taxpayers any additional taxes. How is that possible?
15. If the City of Boerne moves ahead with the new city hall project, will it completely wipe out the general fund?
16. Could that money be better spent on other things citizens use?