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Posted on: May 29, 2019

Boerne Spooks!


Looking to go Ghost Hunting in Boerne? Here are a few locations that you COULD possibly run into a past resident if you played your cards right! Sightings and experiences are not particularly common, but there have been an assortment of reports of the years and folks do enjoy a hair-raising ghost story from time to time! 

Dienger BuildingThe Dienger Building - 210 N. Main St.

Joseph and Ida Dienger

One of our most famous Boerne ghosts is Mr. Joseph Dienger of the now Dienger Trading Company. Built in 1884 for him and wife Ida, as a dry goods store downstairs and their family home upstairs, Mr. Dienger lived in the Dienger Building until passing away at the age of 90 in an upstairs bedroom.  Being teetotalers, legend has it that both Mr. & Mrs. Dienger did not approve of alcohol then… or now.  After Mr. Dienger’s death in 1950, the building was purchased and turned into a restaurant named “The Antlers”.   It is reported that the ghost of Mr. Dienger would put out the closed sign, make noises, and lock the doors in protest of the alcohol being served.  The fact that The Antlers restaurant was open and served on Sunday’s (traditionally a day of temperance and worship) was apparently particularly irksome to Mr. & Mrs. Dienger. Over the years, visitors and staff (of the restaurant and the library) have reported drinks being knocked over, doors slamming, footsteps, rattling windows, lights turning on and off, unusual voices echoing in the hall, books falling off the shelves with no one in the room, an occasional silhouette in a window, and a figure of a woman by the staircase! Photo Credit: Dietert Historical Archives at the Patrick Heath Public Library.

Ye Kendall Inn - 128 W. Blanco Rd.Ye Kendall Inn Postcard July 3, 1911

Erastus and Sarah Reed, Harry King

Hotel staff members have said that if you experience one of the Inn’s “permanent guests” it’s most likely the original owners Erastus and Sarah Reed and your best chances will be if you lounge in the lobby or stay in the Marcella or the Victoria Rooms.  In the main lobby, like many haunted spaces, it has been reported that lights flicker, people have felt touches from unseen hands and items have flown across the room.  Also, in this once busy stagecoach stop, you can still hear the sounds of a horse and carriage trotting through the lobby (Literally!) The Victoria Room has had guests report that the claw-foot tub in the room has mysteriously y filled itself with water during the night while the guests sleep. Strangely they report that they never heard the water running!  Maids have reported making the bed in the Marcella room and returning to find the once smoothed sheets and bed covers to be rumpled as if someone had lain on top of them.  The third owner, Harry King, was killed in a hunting accident behind the Inn and has been reported to be seen walking across the courtyard or sitting at his favorite table in the restaurant wearing a top hat. The hotel has been rebranded as The Kendall is now under new ownership and offers 36 exquisitely decorated rooms, cabins, and cottages that exude luxury.  Exciting times are ahead for The Kendall and its guests! Photo Credit: Dietert Historical Archives at the Patrick Heath Public Library.

Carstanjen-Hall HomeCarstanjen-Hall Home - 705 S. Main St.

David, Augustine and Fred

In the recent past, this building has been three different restaurants:  La Mansion, El Chaparral & The Country Spirit.  It is said to be haunted by three different ghosts.  The upstairs men’s bathroom is said to be haunted by David, the spirit of a teen who drowned in the bathroom’s claw-foot tub.  David is the most widely-known of the three.  Augustine likes to open and close doors upstairs and her apparition has been seen reclining on a green couch by the restrooms.  Fred, the building’s third ghost, prefers to spend his time in the basement.  The owner of the then Country Spirit Restaurant; Sue Martin, has been quoted as saying he had (on multiple occasions) turned on the beer taps to the German beers specifically after the restaurant had closed for the night.  If you prefer to be ghost-free, stick to the first floor as these three permanent guests tend to avoid that area.  The Carstanjen-Hall Home is now home to Calamity Jane's Trading Co. Photo Credit: Etching By Betty Edmonds

Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department  –  7286 Dietz Elkhorn

Many in the department have swapped stories of experiences in the building including unexplained footsteps, building doors and desk drawers opening and closing independently, an omnipresent cold sensation as well as visible apparitions. The particular haunt must be fond of law enforcement because it is reported that it has followed the department to their new building just across the lawn!

The Phillip Manor – 706 S. Main St. Phillip Hotel C1920s with Diengers

Previous owner Howard Calder was interviewed by the Hill Country View in 2005 and shared many of his experiences saying that “This was a hotel from 1867-1960 - for nearly 100 years.  A lot of things can happen in a building during that time – births, deaths.  You might say that a number of guests checked in, but not all of them checked out.”  When the property was purchased in 1979 by Howard and his wife, they left 2 of the rooms upstairs untouched because of “bad feelings.”  As time passed the feelings dissipated, the rooms were renovated and became “just rooms” again.  One of Calder’s stories included an instance where candles popped out of the candelabra on top of the piano in the lobby and flew across the room, with several witnesses in the room at the time to substantiate the event!  On another occasion, he witnessed a bearded man on the porch at the south end of the building.  As the porch had not yet been renovated and was deemed unsafe, Mr. Calder went out to ask the gentleman to leave.  However, he only found the artist who was leasing the studio space outside painting and whom was oblivious to the individual that Calder had seen.  Calder said while he did not want to give names to any of the spirits that he encountered over time, he believed one such apparition was most likely that of Minnie Rhymann, who maintained the kitchen for many years and cooked for hotel guests and the family.   Early in the remodeling process, Mr. Calder is said to have seen a woman walk across the back porch and through the etched glass window of the porch door of the old kitchen wing.   When he went to greet her and let her in, no one was there!  The Manor has new owners again and has been extensively and beautifully renovated and is named The Legendary Texas Polo Club at the Phillip Manor Square and is available for weddings and other special events with lavish lodging options for guests. Photo Credit: Dietert Historical Archives at the Patrick Heath Public Library. Phillip Manor Hotel C.1920, Photograph includes: Mr. & Mrs. Dienger

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