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Feb 16

Mayor's Blog | February 8, 2024

Posted on February 16, 2024 at 4:26 PM by Robert Taylor

I hope this blog finds everyone doing well. I want to highlight last week’s response to the events that occurred in our wonderful community. First, I want to give high praise to all the first responders who handled the situation at Champion High School with urgency, professionalism, and commitment in keeping our community safe. The collaboration and cooperation across our city, county, state, and federal agencies was amazing. Chief Steve Perez and the Boerne Police Department did an amazing job quickly assessing the situation and responding swiftly to ensure the safety of everyone.

A couple of things I think need to be addressed are on the community side. In situations like these anxiety, fear, helplessness, and uncertainty can come rushing to the forefront of our minds and actions. And I get it, these are our children, and I would do anything to keep mine safe and I am certain every other parent would say the same. But we live in a world where information is available at our fingertips and can be shared so quickly that it often can cause more harm than good, especially if it is not the correct information. This was definitely the case last week. Social media has made us, as a society, very reactionary. It is not uncommon to post first, respond second, and then research facts third, if that occurs at all. This makes it easier for people to read, react, and then respond in a variety of ways regardless of if the information is correct or factual and can cause more chaos and confusion.

In situations like January 31, there will always be room for improvement but overall, our law enforcement departments and other agencies did an amazing job. Additionally, we are already looking at ways to improve how we get accurate information out to the out to the community quicker, but I also pray that we don’t have another situation like this either.

As always, I try to highlight the best of our community, and I want to remind everyone how well this situation was handled by those who stepped up to protect and serve our community. I encourage us all to be thankful for the outcome and for those who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for us, the people of Boerne. We are a close-knit and caring community that truly comes together. It is what makes us so unique and wonderful. People will still say “Boerne, Texas, gone forever” but in reality, I believe what makes Boerne, Boerne is the people! It’s not the size or boundary lines but the people here that work to make it a wonderful place. If we continue to live into this idea of community then Boerne will be here forever.

I will leave you with this: Life, it is not about you or me, it is about how we live in relationship with each other, how we enrich each other, how we grow together, and how we love one another. In doing these things we live a life worth living.

Together we are better, together we are Boerne.

Blessing to all,

Mayor Frank