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Sep 08

Mayor's Blog | September 8, 2023

Posted on September 8, 2023 at 9:22 AM by Robert Taylor

Good day, friends.

I pray this blog finds you all well. I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend and you had a chance to get out and experience the wonderful Kendall County Fair and Rodeo. I did and I was not disappointed. I want to give a shoutout to the entire Board of Directors and their crews for making it a wonderful event for our community. Great job, y’all.

As we head into the upcoming fall season, like many of you I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures. More than that, I am feeling grateful for our community and its members. I had the opportunity this past week to meet with several members of our community and had the pleasure to meet several new people at the fair. In all of these instances, we had respectful conversation and kept open minds and hearts even when we didn’t approach a topic the same way. I walked away with a feeling of how wonderful the people are that live in our community. Boerne really is a place where we can come together and find common ground, as well as live and play well with each other.

I had the pleasure to meet with Nadine Flathouse this past weekend and celebrate her 103rd birthday on Sunday. I was also proud to proclaim September 3, 2023, Nadine Flathouse Day in Boerne.  She was overwhelmed with tears and joy, and I must admit I teared up a little bit, too. As I left the party her words of how to live life kept ringing in my heart, “Always look for the good, and ignore the bad.” Obviously, the world has changed for her over the past century. People, places, and things are completely different. Her outlook on life has been focused on seeing the good – looking for the good in all things, situations, and people. After 103 years, it is a bit hard to argue with that logic. It is more than a wonderful view of life, but also a challenge for us all to look for the good and, most importantly, be the good.

So where am I going with this?

I truly believe that if we only focus on the negative and not look for the positive, we will always be disappointed. Not to say that we should not do anything about the negative aspects that occur in our lives, but it does not have to steal our joy! More so, we can advocate for what we believe is best for Boerne, even if we don’t always agree, but we don’t have to demonize and belittle our neighbors. Our lives, our community, pretty much everything will change some way, somehow. Looking toward the future, may we all take a cue from Nadine to see the good and, better yet, be the good in our community that we want to see.

Have a blessed week my brothers and sisters of Boerne, and remember, life is a get-to. May we get to be the good others see.

Faithfully His,

Mayor Frank