Main Plaza Rental

Plaza Overview

Main Plaza is in the heart of Boerne and serves as the site of numerous festivals, concerts, car shows, and celebrations. The park features a gazebo, which serves as a location for weddings and concerts.


  • Gazebo
  • Water fountain
  • Large open green space
  • Sidewalks
  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Public restrooms
  • WiFi (limited)

Rental Classification Types

Rental fees for Main Plaza Park are determined by the classification of the reserving party. All parties wishing to reserve Main Plaza Park are classified as one of the following:

Class A: Private

Use by a person or persons for non-public use, such as weddings. These events are not advertised to the public. These events would have no vendors or profit-making activities taking place.

Class B: Public

Use by a person or persons, organization, or educational institution who sponsors an activity, event, or meeting that is open to the general public. Note: additional special event permit fees may apply.


The park may be reserved by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department at (830) 248-1635 or by visiting the office at 1017 Adler Road in Boerne.


See below for the cost of renting Main Plaza Park for your event. Please note the difference in prices for residents of Boerne and non-residents. Nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 50 percent reduced rate.

Weekday Rental Fee (Monday - Thursday)

  • Non-Resident: $250
  • Resident: $200

Weekend Rental Fee (Friday - Sunday)

  • Non-Resident: $500
  • Resident: $350

Vendor Fees

A $25 fee will be added for each vendor at your event.

Damage Deposit

The damage deposit for your event will be based on the estimated attendance.

  • 1-100 people: $100
  • 101-500 people: $300
  • 501-1,500 people: $600
  • More than 1,500 people: $1,000
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