Pet Licenses and Registration

Two pet collar tags, one star shaped (1-year license) and one Texas shaped (3-year license).

City Requirements

All dogs and cats must be registered with the City of Boerne Animal Care Services by the time they are four months old as required by City Ordinance. To register your pet and be granted a license, owners must provide a valid photo ID and proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination issued by a licensed veterinarian. Pet licenses must be renewed when your pet’s rabies vaccination expires.

City ordinance limits the number of pets allowed in one home to four. This can be four dogs, four cats, or any combination of dogs and cats that equals four. A Kennel Permit is needed to legally exceed four pets. Download a Kennel Permit Application.

How to Keep Your Pet Legal with Licensing

Pet owners must apply for a license and current collar tag for their pets. Download a Pet License Application online or pick one up form ACS in person at 330 S. Esser Rd. in Boerne. Proof of current one- or three-year rabies vaccination must be submitted with the application.

Applications and rabies documentation can be returned in person, mailed to ACS at the address above, or emailed to [email protected]. Once processed, you will be notified to pick up your pet license tags from ACS.

See a list of pet vaccination locations in Boerne.

Licensing Fees

Fees for dog and cat pet licensing are listed below.

One-Year Licensing

  • $5 – Spayed or neutered
  • $10 – Non-Spayed or non-neutered

Three-Year Licensing

  • $15 – Spayed or neutered
  • $30 – Non-Spayed or non-neutered

Why License Your Pet

It's the Law

Pets are required by law and city ordinance to be vaccinated against rabies and registered with the city. Non-compliance may result in citations and additional fees.

Returning Lost Pets

Pets with visible identification and licensing tags are likely to be returned home faster than pets without the proper tags.

Healthy Pets

A current rabies vaccination keeps your pet safe from deadly disease.

Community Support

By licensing your pet with the City of Boerne, we can keep deadly diseases from spreading in our animal populations.