ACS Services

Overview of Services

Animal Care Services provides a variety of services for pets and pet owners in Boerne. Below is a full list of services we provide.

To learn more about any of these services, contact ACS at (830) 249-2456 or email [email protected]


The ACS shelter houses cats and dogs available for adoption. Learn more about adoptions.

Pet Licensing

ACS processes pet licensing applications and issues current registration tags. Learn more about licensing.


Technicians can microchip your pet for $20 or scan a pet to check for an existing microchip.


ACS shelters impounded stray animals. Fees for impounded animals are listed below, should your pet be brought in. A $10 boarding fee will be added for each day your pet is at the shelter.

  • First instance: $25 with current rabies vaccination, $50 without.
  • Second instance: $70
  • Third instance: $90
  • Additional instances: Citations issued


Owners with animals placed in quarantine for possible rabies will be charged a $50 fee plus $20 per day.

Animal Surrender

ACS will accept animal surrenders to its shelter. This service is only available to Boerne residents for a $50 fee.