Department Overview

The Planning Department works with residents, developers, and city staff to implement the City’s comprehensive plan for growth and development. We provide planning, perseveration, and design services to make Boerne a thriving community of lasting value.


We provide public information to applicants and evaluate applications for land subdivision, site development, variances, easements, zoning, and more.

Attendees review map at UDC open house

Development Review

Our staff review development and/or site plans to ensure compliance with ordinances, regulations, and codes.

historical marker at Dienger Building

Support Commissions

Planning staff process requests for development and prepare them for review by the relevant boards and commissions.

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Boerne Open Neighborhood Discussion – B.O.N.D Meetings

We organize and host B.O.N.D. meetings – an informal opportunity for residents to learn about proposed developments near their homes or businesses from the developers themselves.