Jury Duty

Boerne Municipal Courtroom

About Jury Duty

Jury service is an obligation of citizenship that is essential to the judicial process. It is an opportunity for you to make a meaningful contribution to ensure that justice is provided in our community. The judge of the Municipal Court recognizes that jury service entails an imposition on the citizens called for jury service. In order to minimize the burden caused by your jury service, please report promptly on the date and time indicated on the Official Jury Summons form.

Once you receive your summons, review the qualifications and exemptions to ensure you are eligible to serve. To claim an exemption or report your disqualification you must complete the back side of the Jury Summons and return it to the court. Do not wait until the trial date to claim your exemption or disqualification. Circle the appropriate disqualification / exemption, sign, date, and return the form immediately.

Juror Questionnaire

The Juror Questionnaire section is required to completed for the jury selection process. Complete the questionnaire and bring the entire form with you when you report for jury service. Generally, your jury service will be for no more than four hours.

We hope that you will find the opportunity to serve to be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Your service as a juror is appreciated.

Call for Schedule

Please call (830) 248-1542, after 5 p.m., the day before the trial date to see if it is still scheduled. If it has been canceled, you are released from jury service and do not need to appear.