Business Incentives and Assistance

buildings on main street in downtown boerne

City Incentive Programs

The City of Boerne offers several incentive programs to new and existing businesses to grow the local economy and revitalize targeted areas of the city.

Read about some of these incentives below and contact the Economic Development Department to find out which programs are right for your business’ needs.

Property Tax Abatement

Businesses can apply to be granted back real property taxes and/or business property taxes paid to the City.

Inventory Tax

The City grants relief of inventory taxes through its prior adoption of the Freeport Exemption.

Tax Stabilization / Incremental Increase

Business that expanded or modernize through significant capital improvements may be considered for stabilization of the ad valorem taxes collected and/or an incremental yearly increase to market rates for a period of three to five years.

Improvement Grants

The City may consider matching a portion of the cost of improvements made in the downtown historic district.

Fee Reductions and Credits

Impact fees for water and wastewater, as well as building permit fees, plan review fees, and inspection fees can be reduced or credited to the business.

Infrastructure Assistance

The City may consider the following assistance incentives: water/reclaimed water, sanitary sewer, gas, electric, roadway improvements, storm drain improvements, and franchise utility extension/undergrounding.

State of Texas Incentive Programs

The State of Texas Economic Development office assists businesses with a wide range of incentive programs like the Texas Enterprise Fund, Events Trust Fund, Texas Enterprise Zone Program, Skills Development Fund, and more.

Visit the Texas Economic Development website to learn more.