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Library Card

About Library Cards

To check out a book, download an audiobook, or access any of the many resources available at the Patrick Heath Public Library, you must have a library card. If you have any questions about library cards, call us at (830) 249-3053.

Get A Library Card

You can sign up for a library card online or come by in person at 451 N. Main St. in Boerne.

Types of Library Cards

There are different types of library cards depending on whether you are a Kendall County resident. Read about the types below.

  1. Resident Card
  2. Non-Resident Card
  3. TexShare Card

Resident Card

Residents and property owners of Kendall County are eligible for a free library card. Positive identification and proof of residency or property ownership is required. If you are a property owner, you must pay Kendall County property taxes in order be eligible for a free card.

School taxes do not support library operations. Non-residents who are library volunteers or employees of the City of Boerne are also eligible for a free card. Families of non-resident volunteers and City employees are not eligible for free cards. With proof of teacher status (ID card, business card, letter from principal, etc.) and photo ID, any person who teaches in Kendall County or in the Boerne Independent School District is also eligible for a free card.

Minors must have an adult sponsor. The adult sponsor must be 17 years or older and, if applicable, be in good standing with the library (fines must not exceed $5 and sponsor must not have overdue items). Sponsors are financially responsible for items checked out on the minor’s library card. When the minor turns 17, an adult account can be established under his/her responsibility.

Renewal of Existing Cards

All cards may be renewed using the same eligibility criteria for acquiring a new card. To renew a library card, the patron’s account balance and/or the balance of accounts patron sponsors must not exceed $5 and lost or damaged materials must be returned or paid for (when paid for or returned, borrowing privileges are restored).

All resident library cards expire after three years, non-resident cards after one year. Non-resident card fees must be paid annually to keep card current. TexShare cards are set to expire on the date set by the home library that issued the paper TexShare card.