Chief of Police

Who We Are

"This community is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise your family while enjoying the small town atmosphere. We are dedicated to being involved with those that we serve which has resulted in overwhelming support of the men and women serving this community." - Chief Jim Kohler

It is important to remember that we serve the citizens of this community and those that visit; therefore, we ask for your help in keeping this community safe. I invite everyone to follow us on social media (Facebook) and provide us feedback so we can strive to provide the excellent service that everyone deserves from their police department.


  • 1988 - Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Southwest Texas State University
  • 1996 - Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute (LEMIT) (Class #22)
  • 2001 - Master Peace Officer Certificate
  • 2004 - Academic Achievement Award from TX Commission on Law Enforcement
  • 2005-2006 - Command Staff Leadership Series (LEMIT)
  • 2007- FBI National Academy (Class #231)
  • 2011 - Leading by Legacy, International Association Chiefs of Police
  • 2011 - Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with Honors, American Military University
  • 2013-2018 - Texas Police Chief Leadership Series
  • Numerous letters of commendation, certifications, and leadership awards

Department Vision and Values


The vision of the Boerne Police Department is to become a recognized leader in law enforcement in the Hill Country and Texas by the efficient and effective management of personnel and resources, by providing the public with quality police service, and the recruitment, selection, and training of competent and ethical police officers.


The following are the values of the Boerne Police Department:


For the most part, the community's trust and confidence in the Police Department will be earned by the integrity of its police officers. All Boerne Police Department officers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, and legal, and which exhibits a sense of duty and honor for the position entrusted to them.


The administration of law and order is based upon the ideals of justice and fairness for all. These ideals require a commitment by police officers to protect citizens and to strive to ensure that citizens will be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.


As members of the law enforcement profession, the Boerne Police Department recognizes the significance of serving the public. As such, all Boerne Police Department employees are duty-bound in our pursuit of excellence.


The community has entrusted the Boerne Police Department to exercise its authority with discretion, good judgment, respect, and a commitment to honesty and justice. Each member of the Boerne Police Department strives to build upon the trust and confidence of the community.


As members of the Boerne Police Department, we are accountable for our actions. We will exhibit self-restraint and calm in times of stress and not shy away from tough decisions that must be made.