Family Tie Dye Event

Colorful Family Fun

Join Boerne Parks and Recreation on our next Family Tie Dye Event for a day full of color fun!

It is recommended that you wear grubby clothes for this activity. Remember that the dye we will be using will dye the clothes you have on just as easily as the tie dye garment you are dying!

We will provide all of the dying supplies, however please bring your own (pre-washed) white garment. Basic T-shirts are encouraged.

Care Instructions

Once you have dyed your garment you can take your masterpiece home in a bag to wash and dry. Care instructions for your tie dyed garment will be provided.

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Upcoming Tie Dye Events

July 2024

Our next tie dye days will take place July 9-11, 2024 with multiple time slots to select from. Come relive the hippie days at the Boerne Parks and Recreation office. Registration will open May 1, 2024. Sign up here for this groovy event.

Follow Parks and Recreation on Facebook and Instagram and check out the calendar to stay up to date on upcoming events. Call the Parks and Recreation office at (830) 248-1635 if you have any other questions about this event.