A small closed plastic container sits tucked under a fallen log. A sticker on the container reads "Official Geocache."

Citywide Treasure Hunt

Go on a citywide treasure hunt during one of our geocaching events! Geocaching involves using a GPS system or your phone to find hidden objects by their coordinates. These events are free for anyone interested in participating.

During a geocaching event hosted by Boerne Parks and Recreation, we will share a list of caches stashed around Boerne. Under the lid of each cache is a color. Take note of the color of each cache and submit your results to be entered in to the drawing for a prize! Each cache you find is an individual entry into the drawing for your team. The more colors you find, the better your chances of winning.

You can use a GPS device or your smartphone to play the game. To use your phone, open your preferred maps app and switch to the satellite setting. Enter the geocache coordinates (ex. n29 48.267,w98 43.049) into the search bar to pull up the location. It's that easy!

Please return the caches to their original site once found so everyone has an equal chance in the hunt! Contact the Parks and Recreation Office at (830) 248-1635 with any questions.

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More about Geocaching

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunting game. Over 3 million cleverly hidden containers called geocaches are hidden all over the world just waiting to be found. Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes – geocache creativity is endless! Some will be large reusable containers, others will be micro canisters the size of your fingernail. Make sure to read the size in your app to get on the right path. Geocaches never require digging. Learn more about Geocaching online here or watch this video.

Geocache Apps

You can download apps to find even more geocache fun. A few popular geocache apps are Geocaching by Groundspeak (available on Android and iOS), C:Geo (Android only), and Cachly (iOS only). These apps list geocache locations around the world, but you don't need to download one to play along with the geocache events hosted by Boerne Parks and Recreation. Happy hunting!