2022 Spring Break Geocaching Event!

Citywide Treasure Hunt

March 11-20,2022

Go on a city-wide treasure hunt during our geocaching events. Geocaching involves using a GPS system to find hidden objects by their coordinates. During these events, we post the coordinates of the hidden caches. You will submit your findings and we will draw a winner for the submissions. This event is FREE for anyone interested in participating! Learn about geocaching.

Hint: You can also use your phone’s Map App.  Just open the app and press the “i” (information button) and select ‘Satellite’ under Maps Settings.  Press the “Search for a place or address” box and enter the geocache coordinates (ex. n29 48.267,w98 43.049) and press ‘search’.  This will take you to the geocache site.  Good Luck!

Questions contact the Parks & Recreation Office: 830-248-1635

Submit Team registration after you find all the caches.

Get Ready to Geocache
Under the lid of each cache is a color. Take note of the color of each cache and submit your results (printable worksheet available) to be entered in to the drawing for a prize! Each cache you find is an individual entry in to the drawing for your team**. The more colors you find, the better your chances of winning!

**Please return caches to their original site once found

 so everyone has an equal chance in the hunt!

Top Apps for Geocaching



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