Kendall County Library Advisory Board


  • Three meetings per year


Terms of office commence on January 1 and are for two years. The City of Boerne is entitled to appoint two board members, who are then confirmed by the Kendall County Commissioner's Court. Officers are elected by the board. Eligible members must reside within the city limits.

Boerne members of the Kendall County Library Advisory Board are:

  • Sharon Mazurek
  • Kevin Henning
  • Kelly Skovbjerg


The responsibilities of the advisory board include:

  • Advising the county library coordinator (the librarian from Boerne) on issues and ideas of mutual concern
  • Coordinating the joint activities and products of the component libraries in the library system
  • Making recommendations to the Kendall County Commissioners' Court concerning the funding and operation of the library system

Committee Members

Name Term expiration
Kevin M. Henning January 2020
Sharon Mazurek January 2020