Boerne Police Department Officer Benefits

The information on this page pertains to the benefits of officers of the Boerne Police Department. It covers the areas of personal leave, vacation, retirement, sick leave and health insurance.


After accruing 120 hours of vacation, officers can sell back 40 hours on an annual basis.

Length of EmploymentAnnual Vacation Hours Earned
6 months - 2 years40 hours
2-5 years80 hours
6-10 years96 hours
11-15 years120 hours
16-20144 hours
20 or more years160 hours
Amount of Annual Vacation Time Based on Length of Employment.

Sick Leave

Officers will accrue sick leave at eight hours a month after the first six months. After accruing 300 hours, the officer can sell back 40 hours of sick leave on an annual basis.

Personal Leave Incentive

Police Department officers benefit from the personal leave incentive policy, which allows officers to earn additional paid leave for unused sick hours. Officers may use days earned or sell the hours back on an annual basis. The following table shows the rate at which additional leave hours can be earned from unused sick time.

Sick Leave Hours Used During The YearNumber of Personal Leave Hours Earned
More than 16 hours0 hours
9-16 hours8 hours
1-8 hours16 hours
0 hours - Year One24 hours
0 hours - Year Two32 hours
0 hours - Year Three40 hours
Amount of Personal Leave Earned Based on Sick Time Used.


Officers are eligible to retire after 20 years of service. The City of Boerne matches employees two-to-one in the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). The total contribution is 7% employee contribution, 14% City contribution, with all available options including five-year vesting.

Health Insurance Coverage

Officers are offered health insurance at the following rates:

  • 100% employee coverage
  • 40% dependent(s) coverage

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