Code Enforcement Process


Our mission is to ensure the city's ordinances, as determined by City Council, are observed by Boerne citizens.

These ordinances have been enacted in order to:

  • Ensure property rights and values
  • Maintain health, safety, and order
  • Maintain the aesthetic quality of life that exists in Boerne


Code Enforcement officers actively enforce city codes and ordinances by informing and educating the public of standards set forth by their elected representatives. This is accomplished by:

Primary Role

The primary role of the Code Enforcement Department is to eliminate hazards that could affect public safety. This includes notifying residents and property owners of noncompliance issues which may exist such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Appliances left outside
  • Dilapidated / substandard structures
  • Noxious weeds
  • Rubbish or junk
  • Tall grass

While code enforcement officers can issue citations, their primary goal is for problems to be remedied by the property owner.

Additionally, the code enforcement office oversees sign placement, landscape watering codes, zoning issues, oak wilt regulations, home occupations, and issuance of peddlers permits.