Interesting Crime Stories

Captured Watchman

Night Watchman Paul Menn once discovered a burglary in progress at the Boerne State Bank one night. However, instead of capturing the suspects, Menn was captured by them. After getting tied up and having his mouth taped shut, Menn was dropped off at the city dump as the crooks made their getaway.

Boerne City Hall

Juvenile Crimes

Most previous police activities involved juvenile mischief, with Halloween being a favorite night for such pranks. Many Boerne residents woke up to find their fence gates removed during the night and deposited on the front lawn of Boerne High School, the current Boerne Middle School North.

Cows became a part of the pranks on occasion. One poor cow was reportedly placed on the roof of Boerne High School by some enterprising youth and was discovered by school officials the next morning. Another unfortunate cow was fed an ample supply of laxatives and tied to the front door of the high school.

Boerne Corporation Court Docket

A search of the original docket from Boerne Corporation Court shows some examples of misdeeds handled by the marshals in the early days of Boerne:

  • In 1945, City Marshal Goslin rounded up five young boys for swimming in the municipal pool after closing hours, but the boys were later released after a lecture from Mayor Davis.
  • Mr. Andy Patten was charged with allowing a horse at large on September 14, 1909, and was fined $3.
  • On April 28, 1909, Mayor J. Willke fined an individual $5 for exceeding the speed limit in the City of Boerne. Apparently, the speed limit on Main Street at that time was 15 miles per hour.
  • Seven young men were apprehended by Sheriff Bierschwale in May 1920 and charged with damaging public property by throwing stones and other missiles at the public school house within the corporate limits of the City of Boerne. They each paid a fine of $4.

Times have certainly changed, and time has brought many changes to the City of Boerne and the Boerne Police Department.