In the Event of Terrorism

Prepare to deal with a terrorist incident by adapting many of the same techniques used to prepare for other crisis.

  • Be alert and aware of the surrounding area. The very nature of terrorism suggests that there may be little or no warning.
  • Take precautions when traveling.
  • Be aware of conspicuous or unusual behavior. Do not accept packages from strangers.
  • Do not leave luggage unattended.
  • In an unfamiliar building be aware of your immediate surroundings, including your closest exits.
  • People who live or work in a multilevel building should review emergency evacuation procedures and know were fire exits are located.
  • Create an emergency communication plan with an out-of-town family member or friend who is unlikely to be effected by the same emergency.

More Information

For more information, contact the Fire Department at 830-249-3644.