Salaries, Shifts & Fitness Assessments

Annual Salary

In order to advance, Police Department officers must meet established departmental guidelines. Years of service must be continual within the department. The following tables depict annual salaries and payments effective October 1 of each fiscal year. 

Job TitleAnnual Salary
Police Cadet$38,126.40
Probationary Officer (No previous LE experience)$56,326.40 
Police Office I (1-6 years)$56,326.40 to $70,408.80
Police Officer II (6+ years & Advanced PO License)$59,155.20 to $73,933.60
Corporal (2 yrs w/ BPD required + 6 yrs LE Experience)$65,208.00 to $81,515.20
Sergeant (2 yrs BPD Corporal + 6 Yrs LE Experience)$71,884.80 to $89,856.00

Lateral Entries

Lateral pay may be available based on previous years of Law Enforcement experience. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Chief of Police. Max lateral pay cap at $62,500.00.

Additional Pay

Officers can earn additional pay by completing different certifications. See below for the pay rates.

Intermediate Certificate$500
Advanced Certificate$1,000
Masters Certificate$1,500
Additional Annual Pay Increases Based on Certificate Type and job description requirements

Current Patrol Schedule

Our current 12-hour patrol schedule consists of Day Shift and Night Shift. A Patrol lieutenant supervises Sergeants, Corporals, Patrol Officers, K-9 Officers, and a Community & Events Police Officer.

Physical Fitness Assessment

Members of the Boerne Police Department have transitioned to the Rowing test. Officers are now required to row 500 meters utilizing a Concept II rower machine within an allotted time in order to be eligible for a time off incentive.