School Resource Officers


About School Resource Officers

Since 1998, the Boerne Police Department has partnered with Boerne ISD to assign School Resource Officers to the district’s schools to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for school-aged children. School Resource Officers (SRO) are seasoned patrol officers who have received hundreds of additional hours of specialized training in school safety, juvenile law, and the criminal enforcement portions of the Texas Education Code.

SRO Duties

School Resource Officers are a vital part of the community as they protect and serve our children in an environment that is increasingly becoming a target. These officers conduct a variety of duties and responsibilities to keeps students safe to learn and grow in their education, including:

  • Conducting security assessments of school buildings and surrounding areas;
  • Teaching lockdown procedures and providing critical incident training;
  • Providing conflict resolution for students and staff;
  • Educating students and staff on self-defense, Internet safety, and predator awareness; and
  • Responding to calls for service and investigating crimes on campus.

Current School Resource Officers

The following officers are assigned full-time to schools in Boerne ISD:

Community Partners

In addition to conducting security drills and teaching safety procedures, School Resource Officers are also responsible for creating and maintaining youth projects and services throughout the city.

Officers coordinate bicycle safety programs and teach other classes related to preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Officers are also active participants in the Boerne ISD Mentoring Program and meet regularly with students to demonstrate a positive role model.