Permit Applications

Fire Marshal Permitting

The Fire Marshal's Office issues the permits listed below. All permits are issued through the SmartGov online portal. Details on how to access SmartGov are found below.

Please call the Fire Marshal's Office at (830) 248-1512 with questions regarding permits.

Alarm, Suppression, and Operational Permits

Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, and Operational Permits must be obtained before doing work or conducting certain types of operations and must be posted at the job site.

Tent, Fire, and Fireworks Permits

Fireworks and tent permit applications have an associated fee. There are no fees associated with fire permits.

Click here to see a permit fee schedule.

Online Permitting With SmartGov

The City of Boerne uses the SmartGov online portal to manage permit applications, track permit progress, and collect payments. Residential and commercial contractors must create an account to access and apply for permits.

Click here to visit the SmartGov portal. Follow the steps below to set up your account.

Creating a SmartGov Account

To create a SmartGov account, click on the link above, then click the “Sign Up” link at the top right corner of the page. Fill out the prompts to set up your account.

How to Apply for Permits

Once you have created your SmartGov account, log in and click on the "My Portal" link. From here, you have four options:

  1. Apply for Permits
  2. Pay Outstanding Permit Balances
  3. Request Inspections
  4. See Permit Applications in Progress

To apply for a new permit, click the “Apply” button and a dropdown menu will appear with a list of city divisions. Click on the division that manages the permit you need. If you don’t see the division you need, you will need to register as an approved contractor with the City of Boerne. This is separate from creating your SmartGov account.

Registering as a Contractor with the City of Boerne

To register as a contractor with the City of Boerne, log in to your SmartGov account. Click on “Contractor Registration and Licensing” from the dropdown menu. Fill out the prompts to proceed with your registration. A pop-up window will appear and confirm your status as “pending” and direct you to the license home page to continue the process. (Please note: During the contractor registration steps, you will be asked for your site location. This is referring to the address of your business, not a job site.)

From the license home page, click “Go to my new license” and upload any required documents listed in the “Submittals” section. Staff will be unable to process your contractor registration until all required submittals have been uploaded and verified. Once approved, you will be able to apply for permits for your selected trade.

Please call (830) 248-1501 with any questions you may have about online permitting with the City of Boerne.