Employee Awards - 2023

Finance team at Rock Star Employee Lunch

Celebrating Rock Star Employees

Employees at the City of Boerne gathered in September for the annual Employee Recognition Luncheon and Awards Ceremony to celebrate shared successes and individual achievements.

During the Rock Star-themed gathering, employees were recognized for tenure milestones and received awards for exceptional service.

This was the second year the Value Awards and the Directors' Awards were presented to employees who went above and beyond in their service to the community during the last year. See below for a full list of the employees who were recognized.

Value Awards

The five Value Awards are given to employees from any department who best represent each of the City of Boerne’s core values – Collaboration, Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Service. Recipients of these awards were nominated by their peers.

Armando Gaitan

Collaboration | Armando Gaitan

Street Department Clerk Armando Gaitan is the 2023 recipient of the Value Award for Collaboration.

Armando's role requires him to work in unison with most, if not every, department at the City of Boerne. He does this with an amazing attitude and an infectious smile, putting those around him at ease.

He works collaboratively with departments to provide the information they need on each new asset as it arrives while also making sure the crews on the front line have the equipment they need to get the job done. When those assets have lived their useful life, he works with multiple departments to make sure taxpayers receive the best return they can on their investment and the department has a replacement so it can continue to get the job done.

Armando’s commitment to working in collaboration with all the moving pieces and conflicting needs of each department is invaluable to our mission as an organization. He is an extremely knowledgeable person and always treats everyone like a friend.

Directors’ Awards

The Directors’ Awards were given to nine employees whose attitude, work ethic, and performance represented the best of their departments during the last year. These recipients are selected by the directors.

Tori Bellos

Administration | Tori Bellos

The Directors’ Award for Administration was presented to Tori Bellos, marketing specialist at Visit Boerne.

Tori continues to excel at building relationships outside of the walls of the City of Boerne workforce. For all intents and purposes, she has spearheaded the community’s “party” plan for the upcoming solar eclipse events. This person has overseen the outreach of groups and entities that plan to host special events.

She has also taken a large role in shepherding our new community calendar to improve our customer experience and streamline services. Tori collaborated with the departments of Library, Parks and Recreation, and Communications to help launch the new calendar. Now in phase two, she is single handedly helping get the community on board with submitting their events so that we have a true community calendar.

This award is given to an exemplary employee from the City Manager’s Office, the City Secretary’s Office, Human Resources, Communications, IT, and Visit Boerne.

Tenure Awards

The following employees were honored for their commitment to our community and their time with the City of Boerne.

25 Years

25-Year Tenure

Natalie Morgan, Patti Behrendt, Maria Guerrero.