Mobility and Transportation Planning

How We Plan

Mobility and transportation planning in Boerne and Kendall County have always been a multilayered process. State law allows cities to create transportation plans per Local Government Code, Title 7, Chapter 213. The City of Boerne utilizes the transportation and mobility plans detailed below.

residents point at map during planning meeting

Why We Plan

As we have seen in recent year years, several large, multi-generational ranches near Boerne have been sold. Those new owners have the ability to develop their properties because Texas is a property rights state. The City has some ability to manage the overall development and its infrastructure, such as roads and sidewalks, to a degree that fits the overall plan laid out in the Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP).

Because the City has the MTP in place, when a property has changed owners or uses, the City of Boerne has been able to require the developers to either set aside right-of-way or build roads and sidewalks that are part of the overall thoroughfare plan. Through 2024, this occurred for 12 different projects. Those public roads and sidewalks were paid for by the developer and not taxpayers. The only road laid out in the 1974 MTP that has ever been built with public funds was the Herff Road extension, which was approved by Kendall County voters in 2011.

Current Transportation Plans

Listed below are the various transportation and mobility plans, initiated and supported by the City of Boerne. These include updates to existing roads, future mobility connectivity, and safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.


KCBFOTC - Kendall County Boerne Fair Oaks Transportation Committee

The Kendall County Boerne Fair Oaks Transportation Committee (KCBFOTC) was established in 2019 to "develop a county-wide transportation plan to mitigate current and future traffic congestion in Kendall County in a way that preserves cultural and environmental resources and promotes appropriate economic development.”

The committee met over 100 times, in spite of losing a full year to COVID-19; various subcommittees also met countless times to work on specific projects and policies. In an effort to improve upon the traffic plans of the past several years, the committee was made up of 20 individuals who either live or work in the community, and importantly did not include any outside agencies or consultants.

In October 2022, the Committee delivered its final report "County at a Crossroads 2022 - A Citizens' Plan for Transportation in Kendall County." In 2023, the City updated its Thoroughfare Plan, first established in 1974, to incorporate numerous elements of the citizen-led document.

Read the Citizens' Transportation Plan here.

Past Planning Efforts

There have been several past planning initiatives in which the City of Boerne, Kendall County, and the residents of our community have participated. Some of these efforts are detailed below.

2007 Kendall County Major Thoroughfare Map

Thoroughfare Planning Citizen Committee | 2007

The genesis of the committee was the community reaction to the Texas Department of Transportation’s proposal for a so-called “Southern Relief Route.” The Kendall County Commissioners Court submitted a resolution to TXDOT in October 2005 asking TXDOT to recall the published maps and further asking TXDOT enter into a cooperative effort with the Commissioners Court, the City of Boerne, and local citizen groups to clearly define the needs, objectives, and development of any future mobility planning effecting Kendall County.

TXDOT apparently interpreted the Commissioners Court's action as opposition to any TXDOT activity in Kendall County and removed funding for all proposed projects in the county. The Commissions Court appointed a citizens committee to identify mobility needs and they proposed solutions that included increasing road capacity and adding new roads in and around Boerne and Kendall County.

The Citizen Committee released its plans in May 2007, which outlined 15 projects across Boerne and Kendall County and included the creation of a future county arterial road connecting Highway 46 to I-10 around Boerne.

Read the final report issued by the TPCC.

See the maps and graphics created outlining future roads and connectivity recommended by the TPCC.