Mobility Master Plan

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About the MMP

The Mobility Master Plan (MMP) is a long-range plan that seeks to create a safer, more accessible, and more efficient transportation network that improves the quality of life for Boerne residents. This plan includes the collaboration of a variety of jurisdictions and organizations as well as an extensive public involvement process used to identify transportation goals, future projects, and policies as the City of Boerne continues to grow.

The MMP process used alternative scenarios to plan for capital projects to be implemented within the next 10-15 years in Boerne. This MMP report documents the development process, outlines the goals and projects identified as a result, details recommended policies as well as serves as an implementation plan for future development.

Goals of the Plan

The plan's goals and specific, measurable objectives were established through a collaborative process to serve as guidance on future mobility investments, policies, and decisions in Boerne.

  • Ensure Implementable Projects - Ensure future infrastructure improvements are able to be completed on time and within budget.
  • Prioritize Local Mobility - Focus on improvements that benefit the local community first, rather than regional or pass through travelers.
  • Enhance Connectivity - Enhance access and connectivity across Boerne and to key destinations along corridors.
  • Maximize Efficiency of Existing Infrastructure - Focus on improvements that increase the efficiency of the existing transportation network.
  • Enhance User Safety - Prioritize a safe transportation system for all users and transport methods.
  • Consider Maintenance Implications - Consider future maintenance costs of infrastructure improvements.
  • Preserve Rural Character - Maintain Boerne’s rural, small town lifestyle and appeal.
  • Minimize Environmental Impact - Reduce negative impact to the environment by conserving natural resources and promoting a resilient ecosystem.
  • Increase Mobility Options - Increase traveler’s ability to use multiple modes of transportation including driving, walking, and biking.

Plan Adoption

The Mobility Master Plan was approved by City Council on April 11, 2023.

Read the full Mobility Master Plan.