Residential Inspections


The Fire Marshal's office conducts residential home inspections upon request at no charge. Home fire safety information is available on the National Fire Protection Association website and our staff is available to answer your questions regarding steps you can take to create a safer home environment.

To schedule a Residential Inspection, call our office at (830) 248-1512 or email the Fire Marshal.

Foster Homes

The Fire Marshal's office conducts foster home inspections upon request. This service is offered at no charge for City of Boerne residents. The State of Texas Fire Marshal's Office foster home inspection criteria is the basis for our inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, the requesting party will receive an inspection report for their records.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms play a vital role in preventing fire injury and death. It is critically important to maintain your smoke alarms in top operating condition. Check the batteries no less than twice per year to ensure they will function properly. If the smoke alarm is 10 years old or older, replace it with a new one. The Fire Marshal's Office, in partnership with the American Red Cross, has a limited number of smoke alarms available for installation at no charge.

To request a smoke alarm installation, call our office at (830) 248-1512 or email the Fire Marshal.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an important fire safety tool. A five-pound type ABC fire extinguisher with a metal head is recommended for home use. This type of extinguisher is refillable if it is ever discharged and offers the best value in terms of cost and protection. The Fire Marshal's Office does not refill discharged fire extinguishers, however, there are several licensed fire safety companies in the area that offer this service. They may be found online or in your local telephone directory.

Child Alert Stickers

Child Alert Stickers are small adhesive backed reflective signs that identify children are residents in the home. Child Alert Stickers may be placed on the window of each child's room and may provide useful information to fire fighters called to conduct search and rescue during a fire emergency. Residents are asked to be responsible with these stickers and ensure that they are removed if a child no longer occupies the room.

Child alert stickers are available at Fire Station No. 1, located at 726 N. Main St. in Boerne.