Residential Inspections


The fire marshal's office will do residential and foster home inspections upon request. Literature on home fire safety is available and the staff will be available to answer any questions. Inspections are scheduled 24 hours in advance at 830-249-9511.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers for the home can be easily acquired through various merchants in the City of Boerne. At least a five-pound ABC extinguisher with a metal head is recommended for home use. This type of extinguisher may be refilled if it is ever discharged and offers the best value in cost and protection. The fire marshal's office does not refill extinguishers; however, there are several fire safety companies that offer this service. They may be found in your phone book.

Child Alert Stickers

Child alert stickers are also available at Fire Station No. 1 at:
726 N. Main St.
Boerne, TX 78006

These are the child alert window stickers for the home. Stickers should be placed on the window of each child's room. The reflective symbols alert firefighters that a child may be present in the home. Residents are asked to be responsible with these stickers and ensure that they are removed if a child no longer occupies the room.


The following are provided by the fire marshal's office for the State of Texas: