Commercial Property Inspections


The City of Boerne has adopted, by ordinance, the International Fire Code (IFC) 2009, and the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101, 2009.

View Boerne Fire Marshal Additions to the IFC (PDF).


Inspection of all commercial properties within the City of Boerne is conducted annually. The primary purpose of these inspections is to educate occupancies on fire and life safety. Any discrepancies found will be noted and time allotted to resolve them. Each occupancy will be given an inspection form with all discrepancies noted. The initial yearly inspection will be unannounced with follow-up inspections scheduled on specific dates.

A certificate of occupancy is issued through the City of Boerne Code Enforcement office in cooperation with the fire marshal's office. In most cases these two inspections can be arranged at the same time.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the fire marshal's office or the Code Enforcement office at 830-249-9511.