Commercial Property Inspections


The City of Boerne adopted the International Fire Code (IFC) 2009 edition including appendices, and the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101, 2009 edition.

View Boerne Fire Marshal Additions to the IFC (PDF).


All commercial properties are inspected annually. Some commercial occupancies like restaurants, hotels and schools are inspected more frequently. The purpose of a fire inspection is to educate occupancy owners and managers on fire and life safety. Unsafe and non-compliant conditions identified upon inspection will be noted on an official inspection form that is shared with the owner / occupant. Follow-up inspections are scheduled to ensure unsafe and non-compliant conditions are mitigated. The goal is to assist property owners with maintaining safe and code compliant space for all building occupants.

For more information, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (830) 248-1512 or (830) 249-9511.