Animal Surrender

Boerne Animal Shelter Surrender

If you have a family pet that you can no longer care for, Boerne Animal Care Services might be able to help. People who reside within the city limits of Boerne may surrender animals to the shelter to get them appropriate care. There is an owner surrender fee of $50 per animal.

All owner surrenders are by appointment only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. The surrender appointment does not guarantee we will be able to intake the animal and place it for adoption. Please call (830) 249-2456 or email ACS to set an appointment.

We do not intake owner surrenders due to severe medical diagnosis or behavioral situations. During your appointment, we will go over the animal's behavior and reasoning for surrender. For dogs, we then conduct a meet and greet with staff and one of the dogs in the shelter. If the meet and greet goes well, we will then agree to intake the dog and place it for adoption. For cats, we need to assess their behavior to ensure shelter staff can safely handle the cat and administer medicine.

Rehome Your Pet

Boerne ACS has an online courtesy form for pet owners who need to rehome their animals. When you complete the form your pet's information will be added to an online dashboard with a list of pets available for rehoming in and around Boerne. Boerne ACS does not facilitate the exchange in any way. All contact is initiated between the two private parties. If you have questions about the form or the role of Boerne ACS in this process, please call (830) 249-2456.

  • Rehome Courtesy Post Form - Add your pet to a list of pets available to rehome.
  • See Available Pets - View a list of pets that have been submitted for rehoming. If you see a pet you'd like to know more about, please use the owner's information to contact them directly.

Alternate Options

At times the Boerne animal shelter can reach capacity and might not be able to accept an animal surrender. When this happens, Boerne ACS recommends the following services as alternate options for animal surrender.

Animal Surrender Outside The City Limits

If you live outside the city limits of Boerne you will need to contact the animal care agency that serves your residence. Visit the Neighboring Animal Care Agencies page for a list of surrounding agencies.