Short-Term Rentals

STRs in Boerne

Any short-term rental (STR) in operation within the city limits of Boerne or its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) must be registered with and permitted by the City of Boerne. 

The Short-Term Rental Ordinance outlines the requirements to permit and operate an STR in Boerne. The ordinance balances the safe operation of an STR while maintaining the community feel of the City’s neighborhoods and historic districts.

Overview of STR Ordinance

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Property owners may apply to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a special exception if their desired STR does not meet the requirements as listed in the ordinance.

Minimum Operating Distances

The STR Ordinance establishes minimum operating distances for certain STRs based on the City’s existing zoning and overlay districts.

In areas of the city zoned for residential use, an STR cannot operate within 200 feet of another STR on the same block face. This includes properties zoned for residential use in the Historic, Downtown, and River Road overlay districts.

Properties zoned for commercial use within the Historic, Downtown, and River Road overlay districts have no separation requirements. STRs are not permitted in commercial zones outside of the Historic, Downtown, and River Road overlay districts.

See an interactive zoning map.

Apply for an STR Permit

If you own a property in the city limits of Boerne or its ETJ and would like to permit it to operate as an STR, use the link below to start the process.

If you have questions about the STR ordinance or the permitting process, contact the Planning Department at (830) 248-1501 or email Planning.

Short-Term Rental Permit Application