Return Items After Hours

library book drop

drive-thru book drop

Drive-Thru Book Drop

The library has a book drop when you first walk in the door during library hours, but there's also a way to return items while remaining in your vehicle. When you drive up the road toward the library, instead of turning left into the parking lot, you will continue straight until you go under the overhang on the south end of the building. The book drop is located on the end wall.

We ask that you place one item in the book drop at a time, because each item is being automatically checked in as it slides down the chute. You can place pretty much any type of library item in the slot, except for those that have notes expressly saying to not place them in there.

As long as you return an item by midnight, you will be credited for returning it on that date. Fines start accruing one minute after midnight of the day an item is due.

NOTE: We appreciate receiving donated items, but the book drop is not the place to put them! Please donate items to the library during business hours.