Oak Wilt Incentive Program

Looking up from under a large oak tree canopy

Program Overview

The City of Boerne’s Oak Wilt Incentive Program is a fund available to Boerne residents for assistance with tree removal and treatment due to oak wilt. It is incorporated into the City’s annual budget and funded through the Tree Restoration Fund.

The goal of the incentive program is to stop the spread of oak wilt by helping residents treat the trees that can be saved and remove those that can’t before they become a safety hazard.

To apply for financial assistance with the City of Boerne residents must work with a certified arborist or tree removal specialist. Incentives are provided through a reimbursement to the applicant upon completion of the work. Each property can receive a maximum of $3,000 in combined incentives annually.

Program Details

Below are additional program details:

  • Qualifying Projects: Properties located within Boerne City Limits and contains any oak species displaying symptomatic oak wilt or contains a healthy non-infected oak tree(s) within 100ft. of an oak tree diagnosed with oak wilt.
  • Application Review and Award Process: Properties within Boerne city limits who meet the minimum application requirements are eligible to receive reimbursement based on available funding in a given fiscal year. Priority will be given to applications that include the removal and proper disposal of symptomatic red oak species. All other applications will be reviewed and awarded in the order in which they are received.
  • Oak Wilt Diagnosis: A confirmed oak wilt diagnosis must be provided by a qualified applicator or lab report from an accredited plant disease diagnostic laboratory. Tree(s) must be tagged with engraved aluminum tag and tree tag number(s) included on the application.
  • Applicator Qualifications: Only treatments performed under the guidance of a degreed forester, or an Oak Wilt Qualified ISA Certified Arborist will qualify for the reimbursement program. Name of company and individuals performing treatment must be included on application.
  • Treatment Method: Macro-infusion or Hybrid Micro-Infusion of an approved fungicide for therapeutic and preventative treatments. Qualified applicators will determine fungicide type and concentration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Red Oak Removal and Disposal: Infected red oaks that die in late summer, fall or early winter should be cut down and burned, buried, or chipped soon after discovery and removal. Confirmation of proper disposal technique is required prior to reimbursement.
  • Verification of Treatment: Post-treatment report section of the application must be completed and signed by applicator prior to reimbursement. In some situations, field verification by the city Urban Forester to evaluate treatment methods or confirm of proper disposal of infected red oaks will be required prior to reimbursement.

Apply for Program Assistance

If you are a resident of Boerne and are interested in financial assistance with the treatment and/or removal of trees infected with oak wilt, download the Oak Wilt Incentive Program application. Return the completed application by email to [email protected] or in person at City Hall, 447 N. Main Street in Boerne.


For assistance with the application or questions about the Oak Wilt Incentive program, please contact Ryan Bass, Environmental Planner and Urban Forester with the City of Boerne.