BVFD History

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In January, 1903, a group of concerned citizens called a meeting to organize a fire company for the City of Boerne.

Founding Fathers

Fire ChiefF.W. Homer
Assistant Fire ChiefGeorge Zoeller
SecretaryBruno Wendler
TreasurerH.J. Graham

F.W. Homer was elected as temporary chairman and an immediate vote was taken and passed to continue with the formation of a permanent fire company to be named the Boerne Volunteer Fire Company (BVFC). Officer elections followed and resulted in the founding officers list. Fire Chief Homer then appointed members to a Bylaws and Charter Committee. Membership was limited to 30 members by vote on a motion made by Mr. Zoeller. The historic meeting was then adjourned with the next meeting set for Wednesday, January 7, 1903.

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Charter Members

At that meeting a number of names were submitted for membership resulting in the Charter Members of the BVFC - along with annual dues of one dollar to be paid in advance:
  • Max Beseler
  • August Dienger
  • George Fonthou
  • J.J. Gutherie
  • Adolf Harz
  • Adolf Kaizer
  • Adolf Kutzer
  • Dan Meckel, Jr
  • Arnold Toepperwien
  • H Wendler, Jr
  • Arthur Vogt
  • Adolf Zoelle
1903 Wagon
Firehouse No. 1
Historic Fire House