2021 Citizen Survey

Citizen Survey Overview

The City of Boerne has released the results of its Citizen Survey conducted during two weeks at the end of May and beginning of June 2021. Click here to see the full survey results (PDF).

Working with independent consultant Mobile Digital Insights, the city was able to gauge residents’ opinions on quality of life, development/growth, services provided by the city, and priorities for the future. The anonymous survey also allows the City of Boerne to compare its results with those of communities across the state and country.

The results of this survey will be used and referenced over the next several years to evaluate projects already listed in the city’s master plans, propose future projects, and shape the city’s annual budget.

  1. Quick Facts
  2. Demographics
  3. Responses by District

Quick facts about the survey

The information below is a brief overview of how many survey responses were received.

  • Total survey responses: 1,133
  • Boerne residents: 794
  • Non-residents: 339
  • Margin of error: +/- 3 %

Highlights from the Survey Findings

Overall, residents indicated Boerne is an attractive place to live with 69% rating it much better or somewhat better than neighboring cities.

Boerne residents most enjoy our city parks, trails/sidewalks, and library. Residents who identified these as their most important amenities gave the city high marks in their delivery.

  • Trails/sidewalks: 84% rated either excellent/very good or good
  • City parks: 88% rated either excellent/very good or good
  • Library: 100% rated either excellent/very good or good

Residents feel the city employs a professional staff, with 91% agreeing or strongly agreeing with that sentiment.

Boerne residents reported safety as a community priority and rate the city highly in this area. Residents who indicated crime prevention as a top priority rated the city’s performance highly overall at either excellent/very good (42%) or good (40%). Interaction with the city’s Police Department is rated highly with 92% of respondents saying their interaction was professional.

Opportunities for Improvement

The citizen survey also highlighted areas of concern among residents, most notably around development, growth, and traffic. Traffic and road congestion management was the biggest concern, with 64% of residents listing it as a top issue. Management of the growth and density of the city was the second-highest rated issue with 56% listing it a top priority.

Residents are also concerned with preserving the things that make Boerne special. 43% of residents said maintaining the city’s unique heritage and identity was a top priority. Those residents also indicated they felt the city is doing an overall good job at preserving its history at either excellent/very good (38%) or good (33%).

The City of Boerne continues to strengthen its building codes and requirements for Low Impact Development. With the passage of the Unified Development Code, the city will have additional tools it can utilize to provide a more balanced approach to maintaining the Boerne we know and love. Work also continues on Mayor Tim Handren’s community-led water committees and transportation committees.

The City of Boerne is grateful to the residents who took the time to complete the survey. Your responses will help to shape the Boerne of the future.

Click here to see the full survey results (PDF).