Life of a Bond Project

With the approval of Prop A and Prop B by Boerne residents in the 2022 bond election, City of Boerne staff are now working to shepherd the associated projects through to completion. Each project will follow its own timeline. The outline below will help you follow each project through each phase.

See a list of bond projects.

Bond Project Cost Estimate Funding Graphic

Cost Estimate and Funding

The first phase of a project is to estimate the total costs of its completion and outline a plan for funding the work.

Bond Projects Scoping Graphic

Scoping and Procurement

The project design scope outlines the project goals, deliverables, cost for services, and important deadlines. The City then selects the most qualified firm(s) to complete the scope as specified. Consulting firms are evaluated and selected based on the abilities of the proposed team, their experience with similar projects, their approach to executing the project, and their previous experience with the City.

Bond Projects Prelim Design Graphic

Preliminary Design and Easements

The preliminary design phase typically includes data gathering, the review and comparison of design options, review of potential environmental impacts, and stakeholder outreach. The information gathered during the preliminary design phase is used to make decisions that will be included in the final design phase. Also during this phase, the City will identify and obtain any easements needed to meet the scope of the project.

Bond Projects Final Construction Plans

Final Construction Plans

Final construction plans are developed based on the outcomes of the preliminary design phase. The design firm will develop final documents that can be used to solicit bids from construction firms and obtain required permits.

Bond Projects Bidding and Construction Graphic

Bidding and Construction

Once the construction plans are approved, the City starts the bidding process for construction firms. All bids are evaluated, and the City signs a contract with the firm that provides the lowest qualified bid. After a firm is selected and approved, construction can begin. The City conducts the appropriate outreach to affected property or business owners and oversees the construction progress through completion.

Bond Project Celebrations Graphic

Project Celebrations

The City will host ground breaking events to mark the start of construction for a bond or capital improvement project. Once construction is complete, a ribbon-cutting event will be held to celebrate the completion of the project for our community and recognize the hard work done by staff, contractors, and City leaders.