Capital Improvement Projects

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About Capital Projects

Capital improvement projects are major improvements to City facilities and infrastructure. Such projects may include the construction and renovation of:

  • Streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Drainage structures
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure
  • City facilities

Capital improvement projects are funded through the City's annual budget. Some of these projects may require years of planning and construction while others may be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Project List

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  1. Parking Lot - Johns/Main

Parking Lot: Johns/Main - $5,000

Rehab of City/ISD/Chruch Parking lot. Pavement, Landscaping and Signage to match TBD design standards. Approx 2,400 SY.

See project details: Johns/Main Parking Lot.

  1. Parking Lot - Plant Street Paving
  1. River Road Bank Stabilization
  1. Sidewalk: Oak Park, Frey, Bandera
  1. Sidewalk: Bentwood Area
  1. Sidewalk: Flats Area
  1. Street Extension: Buc-ee's Way
  1. Street Improvements: MPO Cascade Caverns
  1. Drainage: Adler Road Culverts
  1. Drainage: Old San Antonio Street at Menger Creek
  1. Suggs Creek Sewer Main
  1. Scenic Loop Sewer Main Replace/Extend
  1. Ammann Road Water Tank and Pump Station
  1. GBRA Ammann Road Main
  1. Second Fire Station