Developing in Boerne

Welcome to the City of Boerne Development Services – a collaboration of departments working on behalf of residents and contractors to meet development needs with a predictable and consistent process. Planning, Engineering and Mobility, Permitting and Code Compliance, and Utilities help with the permitting, building, and development process in the City of Boerne.

Planning implements the City’s comprehensive plan for growth and development. Engineering and Mobility provides engineering plan review, construction inspection, streets and drainage maintenance, stormwater management, floodplain administration, environmental services, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. Permitting and Code Compliance ensures Boerne is home to safe, high-quality residential and commercial buildings that are well-constructed, well-maintained, and in compliance with all ordinances as adopted by City Council. Utilities manages electric, water, and natural gas service connections for your project.

Overview of Development Process

Before starting a project, it's important to make sure you have obtained the necessary permissions and approvals from the City of Boerne. Every project is unique, but there is a general process to follow. Not all of the phases identified below will apply to your project and some require additional permissions or review. Check out the overview below and connect with one of our planning coordinators to get started.

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Zoning and Rights of Use

Zoning, variances, and rights of use must be approved for your site before starting a project.

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Plat type will depend on the number of lots to be created and the public improvements required to service the property.

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Public Improvements

The public improvement construction process begins with a construction release permit following plat approval. Work with us to establish a timeline and inspection schedule.

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Building Construction

Once a building permit is obtained, vertical construction can begin. Final inspections occur once construction is complete, followed by issuance of Certificate of Occupancy, if applicable.

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Other Permits

Additional permits may be needed for tree removal, grading, construction in public right-of-way, floodplain development, and signage.

Start The Development Process

Complete either the Residential/Homeowner or Commercial Development project form to get started. A planning coordinator will then contact you to help navigate the development process. Use the online permitting portal to manage permits, track your progress, and make payments.

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Residential / Homeowners

Are you a homeowner in the city limits or ETJ of the City of Boerne looking to do a project at your residential property?

Complete the Homeowner Project Form.

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Commercial Development and Contractors

Are you a contractor looking to work or start a project in the city limits or ETJ of the City of Boerne?

Complete the Commercial Project Form.

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SmartGov Online Portal

All residential and commercial permits with the City of Boerne are processed through the online portal. Contractors must register with the City before starting work.

Go to SmartGov.

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Contact Us

See a list of contacts from the City departments involved in the development process for your project.


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