Boerne Water Dashboard

water tower City of Boerne

About the Dashboard

The Boerne Water Dashboard is a tool to provide water-related data to the public through a website that aims to help us all better understand where our water comes from and how it connects to water resources throughout the state.

The City of Boerne believes this tool will promote sustainability and water conservation in our city and in the Hill Country. By knowing where our water comes from and how it is used both now and in the past, we can all make informed decisions on water consumption and preservation.

Currently, the City of Boerne has the ability to provide water to 40,000 people. With continued expansion of our reclaimed water system and conservation by users we expect that number can increase in future years. 

The dashboard was created to support water management decisions by individuals, communities, and utilities to promote better stewardship of water resources and greater resilience during droughts or water supply challenges.

It ties into a broader effort from the Internet of Water Coalition, which partners with local, state, and federal governments to build a foundational water data infrastructure across the country.

Using the Dashboard

The Water Dashboard brings together information on water sources, demand, rain, drought, reclaimed water, and more. You can see water usage over time and even see rainfall totals from reporting points in and around Boerne.

There is an easy to navigate map with different layers and points of interest you can toggle on and off to get more detailed information. We encourage all residents to spend some time exploring the information found on the dashboard.

Go to the Boerne Water Dashboard.

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