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The Boerne Fire Department was founded as a volunteer organization in 1903 and to provide fire protection and emergency services for Boerne and surrounding areas of Kendall County. Since its inception, the Boerne Fire Department has grown significantly. Through an inter-local agreement with Kendall County, the Boerne Fire Department also provides services to 193 square miles outside the city limits in Kendall County.

The annual reports explain the service areas of responsibility, which include protecting more than 30,000 people, 9,500 residences, and approximately 773 commercial structures. The department also services two high schools, two junior high schools, five elementary schools, one private school (K-12), one hospital, one residential facility for at-risk youth, and several large care facilities for seniors.

Services provided by the department include fire suppression and prevention, emergency management, Haz-Mat response, EMS first responder, public education, and specialized rescue such as confined space, low to high angle, swiftwater, dive rescue/recovery, and vehicle extrication.

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