Infrastructure Documents LOC


After approval of a Master Development Plan (if any) and prior to filing a Plat Application, an applicant must apply for a Letter of Certification for Infrastructure Documents. The application must comply with the Unified Development Code and Engineering Design Manual. 

The application consists of a completed application packet, payment of application fees, and engineering reports, studies, and construction plans for all proposed public improvements to be included in the plat. 

Review and Approval

City staff will conduct a technical review of administratively complete applications. Any plan revisions after the first submittal must be clouded or highlighted on subsequent submittals. Within 30 days of a complete submittal, the application will be approved or denied. 

If the application is approved, an Infrastructure Documents Letter of Certification will be issued. This Letter of Certification is a prerequisite of the Plat Application. If the application is denied, the applicant may resubmit the application or appeal the decision to the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Application Forms

The forms provided below and their required attachments must be submitted with the application to be considered complete. 

Infrastructure Documents LOC Application Packet

Infrastructure Documents LOC Technical Checklist (2020 Subdivision Ordinance)

Construction Release Permit

A Construction Release Permit may be filed concurrently with a final plat application if a Master Development Plan and an Infrastructure Document LOC have been approved for the project, and a performance guarantee has been executed for the project. Otherwise, an approved plat is required before the Construction Release Permit is issued.

Before applying for a Construction Release Permit, the project contractor, project developer, and/or the project engineer must attend a pre-construction meeting with the City. After this meeting, the City Engineer will provide the developer with a checklist of requirements for obtaining a Construction Release Permit.

Please reference the Unified Development Code Chapter 2.7(A)(4) for more information on Construction Release Permits.

Construction Release Permit Application